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We've prayed for salvation for our family for years. My sister and I were Christ followers, and some years later our father came to Christ.

Over the years our mom started reading The Word For You Today and began to believe a lot of the things she read. It got easy to talk with her about faith. When she died, she was a full-fledged believer.

My youngest brother and sister contacted my sister and I about four months ago with the news that they too had come to Christ. They had started to question things after Mom died and ended up choosing to follow God all the way. We never expected they would give in to God, but they both have and are now doing Bible study with the two of us.

I don't think I ever anticipated that God would call so many of our family.

I'm writing this letter mostly because my Mom got her spiritual education almost completely from the monthly devotionals she read. They opened her up to the Bible, and she told others about her Saviour whenever she had the chance.

The Word For You Today has also been so helpful to me. I use these devotionals in active ministry as the ideas are easy to pass onto the general public and have literally been lifesavers to my family.

Thank you for the inspiration that you have provided for us.