UCB Radio - Igniting Hope In Jesus

UCB Radio is a non-profit, listener-supported family of radio stations. But UCB Radio is more than just radio; we're a community united in faith and love for Christ.  

No matter where you are or what challenges you're facing, we're here to encourage you and point to Jesus.  


So many people are struggling with the challenges of life. They feel alone and discouraged. To make matters worse, our world fuels negativity, which creates hopelessness. Negativity destroys!

UCB Radio provides positive media that’s encouraging, uplifting and hopeful, to help you flourish and thrive. Where there is hope, more people will find a life of purpose, fulfillment and God’s love.

Hope changes lives!

Core Values


Rooted in our authentic and passionate love for God, we are guided by the life-changing love of Christ. This love fills and motivates us, inspiring us to serve with compassion and fearlessness. Our actions and decisions are a reflection of our commitment to seek and align with His will.


Embracing each new challenge with an innovative and adventurous spirit, our journey is guided by prayer and united in Christ. We thrive on curiosity and a commitment to our mission, always seeking to blend creative solutions with steadfast faith. This spirit is not just about boldness; it's about a united purpose to spread hope and joy in Jesus, striving for excellence in all we do.


In our service and interactions, we blend a hopeful outlook with genuine authenticity. Our joy in Christ anchors us, allowing us to approach challenges with a positive attitude while staying true and relatable. This balance of positivity and realism strengthens our connection with each other and with our mission, guiding us to serve with sincerity, humor, and heartfelt dedication.