History of UCB


UCB Canada is a Canadian non-profit, listener-supported family of Christian Radio stations. Broadcast uplifting and encouraging music and conversations in markets across Ontario, Alberta, and continuing to expand throughout Canada.[i]

UCB Canada also distributes The Word For You Today daily encouragement publication to homes all across Canada. The booklet is published quarterly and can be accessed by mail, email or online.[ii]

UCB Canada is affiliated with UCB International, however they operate as an independent charity within Canada.[iii]

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In August 2001 UCB Canada became and incorporated company after a series of events where a local man in Belleville Ontario met a couple from UCB International in New Zealand both independently trying to start a Christian Radio station in the area. They began to work together and the first UCB Canada Radio station went to air as CKJJ 102.3FM in Belleville Ontario on October 18 2003.[i]

UCB Canada continued to grow and expanded with a second station in Chatham Ontario. The station officially launched as CKGW 89.3 FM in Chatham Ontario on November 3 2007.[ii]

As UCB grew in popularity stations were added around the Belleville area as a rebroadcaster of CKJJ. Cobourg Ontario (100.9 MHz), Bancroft Ontario (103.5 MHz) and Brockville (99.9 MHz) were added in 2008, and Kingston (100.5 MHz) in 2009. In September 2009 UCB was denied a request to change the frequency of Cobourg from 100.9 MHz to 90.7 MHz due to the launch of CIYM-FM 100.9 in Brighton. UCB Canada would apply again in September 2010, this time for an independent station, in Cobourg Ontario. Their application was approved and CHJJ 90.7FM officially launched on September 8 2012.[iii]

After a few years of struggle a locally owned Christian Radio Station in Thunder Bay Ontario approached UCB Canada with the idea of acquisition. UCB Canada’s application to acquire CJOA 95.1FM in Thunder Bay Ontario was approved on June 6 2014.[iv] Then on October 1 2015 CJOA 95.2 FM was relaunched at UCB Canada. A rebroadcaster of CJOA was added in Nipigon Ontario (92.5 MHz) on August 10 2021.[v]

In 2017 UCB staff were out growing the current space and moved to a new location, with twice the square footage in April 2017. After a major renovation to the building they opened National Media Centre in 2021.[vi]

Also in 2017 further expansion of stations in Ontario continued. Adding another rebroadcaster of CKJJ in Maynooth Ontario (94.7 MHz), and lunching a new station in Windsor Ontario, CJAH 90.5FM on December 1st 2017. [vii]

In 2018 CKOS 91.1FM in Fort McMurray Alberta approached UCB Canada about acquisition, after struggling with financial lose for many years. UCB acquired CKOS-FM in exchange for assuming their debt of $108,962.[viii] CKOS-FM was officially rebranded as UCB Radio 91.1FM on April 30 2019.[ix]

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Future Plans

In 2018 UCB Canada applied to launch a station in Regina Saskatchewan. The application was approved and CIUC 95.9 FM in Regina Saskatchewan is set to launch in early 2023.[i] In 2022, UCB Canada also acquired the rights to launch 4 other stations from International Harvesters. These stations were previously approved by the CRTC but were unable to be fulfilled by International Harvesters. UCB Canada is expected to launch these stations in Kelowna British Columbia, with a rebroadcaster in Kamloops British Columbia, Saskatoon Saskatchewan and Scarborough Ontario in 2024.[ii][iii]

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The Word For You Today Daily Encouragement

UCB Canada distributes a daily encouragement booklet to subscribers in Canada, called the Word For You Today, written by Bob and Debby Gass. The devotional style booklet is read daily by over 10,000 people across Canada.[i]

[i] The Word For You Today


UCB Canada encourages listeners to submit prayer requests, which are prayed for daily by the staff.[i] UCB Canada also has partnered with other local charities in Canada to help people in need. In October 2022 UCB Canada partnered with Food Banks Canada and helped provide meals for 23,000 people struggling with food insecurity.[ii]

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List of Stations

BrandingCallsignFrequencyPower (Watts)Location
UCB 102.3 BellevilleCKJJ-FM102.3 MHz15,000 WattsBelleville, Ontario
UCB 94.7 MaynoothCKJJ-FM-594.7 MHz50 WattsMaynooth, Ontario
UCB 103.5 BancroftCKJJ-FM-4103.5 MHz250 WattsBancroft, Ontario
UCB 100.5 KingstonCKJJ-FM-3100.5 MHz50 WattsKingston, Ontario
UCB 99.9 BrockvilleCKJJ-FM-299.9 MHz50 WattsBrockville, Ontario
UCB 90.7 CobourgCHJJ-FM90.7 MHz250 WattsCobourg, Ontario
UCB 89.3 ChathamCKGW-FM89.3 MHz15,000 WattsChatham, Ontario
UCB 90.5 WindsorCJAH-FM90.5 MHz10,000 WattsWindsor, Ontario
UCB 95.1 Thunder BayCJOA-FM95.1 MHz250 WattsThunder Bay, Ontario
UCB 91.1 Fort McMurrayCKOS-FM91.1 MHz40,000 WattsFort McMurray, Alberta
UCB 95.9 ReginaCIUC-FM95.9 MHz24,000 WattsRegina, Saskatchewan


UCB Canada is registered charity in Canada.[i] They receive the majority of their funding from charitable donations, especially during the 2 pledge drives, in the spring and fall, each year.[ii] They also receive revenue from paid on-air commercial advertising as per their license agreement with the CRTC.

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