Why Christmas Music?

“Every year my UCB station strings up the tinsel and stockings and puts away all my favourite music for a month. What gives?”

Have you ever been in the market for a new home? Did you go in a home for sale during an open house? Normally you may not notice the house, but on that day there's balloons and streamers out front and cookies and brownies inside and it just looks so inviting. So you and your family stop by and check it out. Once inside, you see all the great things this home has to offer. Things you may not ever have seen had you not come inside, which you wouldn't have done if there wasn't an open house in the first place. This new house may indeed become your family's permanent home.

This Christmas season is our chance to shine at UCB Radio. This is our open house. We're safe for the whole family all year and play all your favourites, but there's a bunch of people all across Canada who have never even heard of UCB Radio. By playing Christmas music, we provide an open door to folks who may not have ever listened to UCB Radio. It allows us to showcase what we're about for those few weeks every year and hopefully keep them listening come December 27. They'll hear Christmas favourites from their childhood, great renditions of classics from Christian artists with hope and purpose in the message. And of course, they'll learn all about UCB Radio.

If you had a good thing going, would you want to hide it? Of course not. You would want to share it with the world and that's what we're doing at UCB Radio, so we hope you'll enjoy the Christmas music through December 26. Even more so, we pray you'll share this with others at home, at work, at church, or with folks anywhere. You never know who may be touched by what they hear on your favourite radio station.

Wishing you all of God's blessings this Christmas season

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At UCB Radio, we see the Christmas season as a unique opportunity for evangelism and outreach. During this time, many individuals are more receptive to messages of faith and spirituality. Our decision to play all Christmas music is a strategic effort to welcome those who might not usually tune into Christian radio. Our goal is to spread the joy and true meaning of Christmas to as many people as possible in our community, using the universal appeal of Christmas music as a bridge.

Christmas is a season of widespread celebration, and it includes music from a variety of artists and backgrounds. We carefully select classic Christmas songs that evoke nostalgic and warm memories for many of our listeners. While some artists may not be explicitly Christian, their songs often carry the spirit of the season and can act as 'hooks' to engage a broader audience. Rest assured, the core of our Christmas playlist focuses on the birth of Jesus and the Christian message, celebrating the true reason for the season.

UCB Radio's primary focus during the Christmas season is to honor and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, we acknowledge the story of Santa Claus, inspired by the historical figure of St. Nicholas, a Christian man known for his generosity and kindness. His acts of giving mirror the ultimate gift of God's Son to humanity. While Santa is a fictional character, his story can be used to teach valuable lessons about selflessness and giving in the spirit of Christ. For those interested in exploring this aspect further, we recommend this video from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer's Buck Denver and Friends:

We believe that celebrating Christmas in its fullness, including cultural traditions like Santa Claus, can complement the joyous message of Christ’s birth.

Our heartfelt intention is to use the festive and inclusive nature of Christmas music to reach out and touch more lives with Christ's message of hope, love, and redemption. We understand not everyone may agree with our approach, but we are committed to fulfilling our mission: to positively impact lives in our community and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us in this endeavour and thank you for your prayers and support as we work towards touching lives across Canada and beyond.

Christmas is the season of sharing, and what better way to spread the joy than by introducing UCB Radio to your circle? Turn UCB Radio into the soundtrack of your festive celebrations! Whether it's during cozy family gatherings, lively office parties, or even as a background to your holiday errands, tuning into UCB Radio adds that special touch of Christmas spirit.

At Home and Work: Let UCB Radio fill your home and workplace with festive tunes. A simple switch to our station can uplift the atmosphere instantly.

In Your Community: Spread the word at community meetings, events, or any social gatherings. A casual mention like, “Have you tuned into UCB Radio’s Christmas music?” can pique someone’s curiosity.

Through Your Church and Groups: Share our station's festive initiative with your pastor, and suggest a mention in church services or bulletins. Also, bring it up in your small groups or Sunday school classes – every mention counts!

Be Creative and Proactive: Our aim is to make our Christmas music outreach go viral, so the more people you tell, the more our message of hope and love spreads.

Impact of Sharing: Last year, we welcomed thousands of new listeners during the Christmas season, many of whom heard the Gospel for the first time. By tuning in and sharing UCB Radio, you’re playing a vital role in spreading the Good News through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We deeply appreciate your prayers and support as we strive to fulfill God’s vision for UCB Radio. Let's make this Christmas season truly impactful together!