How to Listen to UCB with Alexa, Siri and Google

Monday March 23, 2020
Dwayne Jamieson
1 min read

How to Listen at home

Hello friends,

We want to make sure everyone who wants to listen to UCB Canada is able to do so.

This post is going will detail the proven methods for getting UCB Canada on your smart systems at home.

For Amazon Alexa say: "Play UCB Canada on Tune-In"

For Apple's Siri say: "Hey Siri, Play UCB Canada"

For Google say: "Okay Google, Play UCB Canada on Tune-In"

If you have the App installed on any of your devices that you are hoping to listen on then our hope is that you can simply say, "play UCB Canada' and then you will be able to join with us in spreading Hope and encouragement to many more people.

Please give us your feedback if you run into any challenges and we'll work on getting UCB radio to you as easily as possible.

Thanks for listening,





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