A "Whale" of an Investment: 3 Ways to Teach Your Kids How to "Invest"

Wednesday May 19, 2021
Julia Van Huizen
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3 Ways to Teach Your Kids How to “Invest

By Julia Van Huizen

My son wants to save the whales.

It started when he started paging through a National Geographic. A pamphlet with a picture of a humpback whale slipped out. The pamphlet said, “Give a Gift.”

A few minutes later, my son set $3.25 on my desk, wanting me to mail in his coins to the organization.

I have to admit, I was endeared. I mean, how cute was that, sharing his hard-earned coins for the whales?

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. A few years ago, my husband and I bought our kids 3 piggybanks: one for saving, one for spending, and one for sharing. We wanted to teach our kids that money wasn’t just for themselves; it was meant to be invested in causes and people important to their hearts as well.

And animals are very important to my son. And so off he went to save the whales…

You don’t have to buy piggy banks to teach your kids the power of investment. It’s more important to teach them that what they DO and how they CHOOSE to invest can make an important impact. To help, here’s 3 different ways to your teach your child how to “invest.”

  • INVEST IN A CAUSE/CHARITY: Your child is not too young to invest in a charity or cause that tugs on their heart. Whether they’re saving the whales through National Geographic, saving the planet through the World Wide Fund for Nature, or bringing hope through the work of UCB Canada, your child can already give to causes that matter to them. Let your kids also know about why YOU give to your favourite charities. As one listener told us, “I love the station and I want UCB Canada to be there for my children and my children’s children!” By sharing this type of information, you’ll show your kids that investment into charities can have far-reaching effects not only TODAY, but for your child’s TOMORROW.
  • INVEST IN A PASSION: Money is not the only way to invest. If your child invests into his passions of art, he can leave an artistic legacy for many to enjoy for years to come. Or maybe your child loves computers. Let her take online classes or watch YouTube videos on computer programming. She may be the next Bill Gates! Show your kids that investing into their passions could help them create a bright future for themselves and for others too!
  • INVEST IN A LIFE: If your child doesn’t have a lot of money to invest, he could invest “time” instead. Teaching a skill to a younger sibling or volunteering to help your elderly neighbour are just a couple of ways that your child could invest into people’s lives and could give them a satisfaction that money just can’t buy. As writer Lisa Haisha says, “Remember it’s not what we leave FOR others that matters; it’s what we leave IN them that matters most!

Show your kids the value of “Investing” and they’ll soon realize that their life matters and that, with God’s help, they can influence the future.

If you’re interested in Leaving a Legacy that truly matters, consider taking a confidential and complimentary estate plan seminar with UCB’s partner, Advisors with Purpose. You can feel great knowing you’re supporting future generations long after you’re gone!




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