Meet Mary.

Monday June 28, 2021
Julia Van Huizen
1 min read

Meet Mary.

Mary was struggling.

In fact, she was at the end of her rope. No matter which way she turned, negativity surrounded her--on the radio, on the news, and worst of all, in her own mind.

You see, Mary struggled with her mental health. Since she was a teenager, anxiety, worry, and depression had ravaged her mind, leaving her hopeless and without peace. She was desperate and alone.

Should she take her own life?

But she remembered hearing something when she was flipping through the radio dials--something about "positive uplifting...what was it... UCB Canada?" She started flipping through the dials... and this was the moment Jesus decided to change her life FOREVER....


Mary is so thankful to Jesus, to UCB, to YOU for your dedication to serving God through UCB. It's a wonder that God uses each one of us in what we do or how we give, to bring his children into his enfolding embrace.

Today, along with Mary, I just want to say "Thank you." Thank you for your prayers and support. Because God is using your dedication to those things to change people's lives forever.

P.S. This summer, you can help others like Mary change the entire direction of their lives, by ensuring that UCB Canada is there to broadcast songs and messages of hope. Give an extra summer gift, or become a monthly supporter, and feel good knowing you are making an incredible difference! Give at ucbcanada.com/donate.




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