Bringing Healing One Massage at a Time

Monday June 5, 2023
Julia Van Huizen
2 min read

Can healing happen through massage?

I believe it can. And so does Debbie Daley.

I met Debbie a month or so ago when I was in desperate need of a massage. Life was so busy, and I was exhausted to the bone. My body was crying out to be taken care of.

Why don’t you get a massage? my inner voice said.

Now, I love massages. To me, they are soothing.

But they’re also a luxury. Being Dutch, I have a hard time parting with my money. After all, massages don’t pay the bills. They don’t contribute to the bottom line. But then I remembered hearing about “Haven of Tranquility,” a local place that gave aromatherapy massages at an incredible price.

Haven of Tranquility. That’s what my body was aching for. A haven.

So, I booked the massage and a few days later met Debbie.

Debbie is a “haven” in herself. Her warm personality and incredibly generous heart are something rare. But it’s her “mission” that is the most inspiring.

“I started ‘Haven of Tranquility’ after I lost my job,” says Debbie. “I wanted to start something for people that was affordable. Afterall, not everyone has benefits or can afford a $100 massage. By keeping my prices low, so many more people can have the opportunity to experience massage.”

In many ways, “Haven” is Debbie’s ministry. Not only does she have the opportunity to provide a space where individuals can escape their problems for an hour and receive the “healing touch” of a massage, but they can also find a compassionate “ear” in Debbie.

“I have gone through so much loss, abuse, and pain in my life,” says Debbie. “And for some reason I can relate to so many of my clients. The stories I hear behind the four walls of my massage room are all stories I can empathize with.”

And lately, she’s heard even more heart-breaking stories.

“A client came in the other day and wanted to pay it forward,” says Debbie. She gifted four massages to ‘anyone who needed’ it. So, I put it out on my Facebook page for people to ‘nominate’ those deserving of a massage. The stories that came in were heart-breaking! There’s so many people out there who are going through so much difficulty and heartache. But if I can offer an hour for someone to feel cared for, relaxed and heard, then I am doing what I’m meant to do.

“God has been the centre of this all. I don’t even know how it’s all happened, but He has been the centre.”

*** Debbie Daley--a UCB fan-- pictured here, bringing a "massage" gift bag to someone in need of one.




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