What it Means to be Home this Canada Day

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Friday June 28, 2024
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Home is Love

It’s time to celebrate Canada, and with the Canada Day holiday fast approaching, let’s both celebrate and reflect about what it means to be “home” both in the physical sense as well as spiritually. Physically, Canada is our home. This is where we live life, where we are born and where we raise our children. We are born out of the love of our parents and we grow and mature into adults who dream of finding our soul mate and uniting in marriage. We celebrate this love by making a home and starting a family.

Celebrate home with loved ones this Canada Day

Now, more than ever we cherish our port in the storm of life. Home is more than just four walls and a roof; it’s where comfort wraps around us like a familiar cozy blanket and where laughter echoes through the rooms. It’s the aroma of meals cooking in the kitchen, the soft glow of lamps in the evening, and the welcoming arms of loved ones at the end of a long day. Home is where memories are made, where dreams are nurtured, and where we can truly be ourselves. It’s a safe port in the storm we call life and a place where you find love, joy and a sense of belonging.

Our Spiritual Home

While we celebrate our physical home in Canada this Canada Day, let’s also lovingly celebrate our spiritual home. Its a place with others who share our ideas and attitudes and a place where we feel like we belong. Being a part of the spiritual house of God is about finding a community where we can grow, love and support each other, as well as explore our beliefs together. It’s like having a second family who shares our faith journey and helps us navigate life’s ups and downs. Our spiritual love enriches our physical home by infusing it with warmth, harmony, and a deeper sense of connection.

Celebrating Canada

Take some time and have fun celebrating our love of home this Canada Day. Being Canadian means enjoying maple syrup on pancakes, cheering passionately for hockey teams, and being polite even in the harshest winters. Did you know that we produce about 85 million kilograms of maple syrup a year? That’s a lot of syrup for our pancakes - which the kids love! Speaking of food - the best part about any celebration is the food.

This Canada Day as we’re celebrating with loved ones, consider serving up some all-time Canadian delicacies like ooey gooey cheesy poutine, Montreal-style bagels, Donairs, Canadian bacon, butter tarts, and the fried dough pastry we affectionately call the Beaver Tail. Happy Canada Day!



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