A Community response to COVID-19

Friday May 15, 2020
John Connor
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In a time of uncertainty and immense challenge and change

The CareMongering group is a resource and support for people in a time of uncertainty and immense challenge and change and has served as a way for those in different communities throughout Northumberland County to have practical needs met such as groceries picked up and delivered, masks made and information shared. Caremongering recently partnered with Local Food for Local Good to organize it's volunteer efforts in supporting the community.

Knowing what the real needs are of folks in this time is difficult. Because of social distancing, we just don't always know the full extent to the need that exists in different homes and families. The need for food, financial resources or health care are often the seen or exposed needs, but people suffer in a whole host of other ways such as lonliness and depression. We have found that a facebook group is limited in what it can accomplish, which is why we are encouraging folks to stay connected with their relational world and not give up.

CAREMONGERING as a movement invites you to make a difference by:

Getting involved in your Community by Caring with us...

Join the Facebook Group at www.fornorthumberland.com

Local Food for Local Good. https://localfoodforlocalgood....

Email: caremongeringnorthumberland@gmail.com

Phone: 905-373-4647




Let us stand with you and pray for your concerns.

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