Unsung Hero: A Journey of Faith, Family, and Unbelievable Miracles with for KING & COUNTRY

Monday May 20, 2024
Liz Latchford
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Brant Hansen Interview with Luke Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY

In this conversation, Brant Hansen talks to Luke Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY about the process and challenges of creating their film "Unsung Hero," which tells their family's story. Luke shares that the film is about 90% accurate, but some miraculous events had to be omitted because they seemed unbelievable! However, Luke emphasizes that the film’s deeper message revolves around obedience and faithfulness, rather than merely focusing on their careers.

Check out Brant's Interview with Luke:

Brant and Luke talked about the family dynamics during the creation of the film, noting how there were minimal creative differences, as the story had been recounted many times over the years. Luke and his brother Joel had the support from their parents, especially their mother, who despite facing numerous hardships, remained a pillar of strength without showing visible signs of breakdown.

The conversation also touches on how the film served as a form of therapy for their father, who watched it multiple times during the promotions of the movie. This act of recounting their struggles and triumphs resonated deeply, emphasizing the importance of family and faith in overcoming challenges.

Finally, Brant and Luke reflect on how the brothers upbringing and experiences prepared them for public life. They mention the influence of their sister, Rebecca St. James, and how their early involvement in her career taught them the value of roles within a family.

They conclude by discussing the impact they hope the film will have, particularly in showing the power of family unity and faith through difficult times.

Watch the official trailer:

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