When You're Just Too Busy

Tuesday May 2, 2023
Julia Van Huizen
2 min read

So many people are busy. Like REALLY busy. They get up, jump into their shoes, walk the dog, make their kids' lunches, burn out of the driveway, work an 8 hour day, gobble down their dinner and flop into bed.

And even in their quiet moments, they aren’t...well, quiet. No, there is a steady stream of ads, social media posts or TV shows to entertain, whittling away at their weariness.

Sometimes we wonder where God is. Why can’t I hear Him? Why can’t I experience Him?

It could be that you are just.too.busy.

What do you do when you feel like life is out of control? Well, one thing to do is to “control” the areas of your life that ARE controllable.

Perhaps you have a job that is unpredictable. Calls or interruptions can come in at any time of the day. But what are the areas of your day that ARE controllable? What are the areas of your life that are always the same? Routine? Hear me out…

Perhaps you have to drive to work every day. You have a 15 minute drive. Could that be a “controllable” part of your day that you use to connect with God either in prayer, solitude or by listening to a faith-filled podcast?

Or maybe you brush your teeth every day. Hopefully you do! Take a moment to high-five yourself in the mirror and say something kind to that beautiful reflection in the mirror. Or before you tuck into bed, take 5 minutes to journal, read a devotional, or even just acknowledge something that went “well” that day.

And what about making supper? Could this be a time that you put on earphones and listen to positive and uplifting music?

Or maybe Sundays you have a bit of down-time. Could you plan your week? What could be the “Big Rocks”—1 or 2 things that are really important to you this week – that you could schedule into your week?

How we begin and end our days can be stabilizing. We might not be able to control all the things in our days, but we CAN take note of those pockets of time that ARE predictable and use those moments to connect to our heart and to God.

Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.




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